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Peppi Peppi is the restaurant we have been waiting for since moving from Sydney. The food is absolutely amazing, Fettuccini Carbonara is the most amazing dish along with the service & the reasonable prices. Definitely will be returning again and again. 

Haylea Brewer

Food perfect
Atmosphere imaculate
Service is so far above and beyond.

Head waiter is 90% the reason for coming back, and that is saying something because the food/menu is phenomenal.

Jaymie & Brock Martin

I am so amazed in the change and improvements in the restaurant with the new ownership. I was greeted at front door by a polite young lady, when she seated our table we were given complimentary Focaccia.

The presentation of the entree's and meals were what you would expect to see at a five star restaurant. The young ladies whom were serving us made the experience comfortable and they took us on our own little journey.

Before the desserts we received complimentary Mango Granita, I ordered the Tiramisu it was by far the best tasting Tiramisu I have ever had. It was served on a carved piece of wood decorated with strawberries, ice cream and chocolate grated over the top.

The night was great, welcoming and quite enjoyable. Really appreciated the complimentary entree on arrival and the pallet cleanser. I look forward to sharing the experience with my friends on a regular bases.


Had a meal tonight with 3 friends
Thankyou Matt+lisa
Definitely be back again😊😊
Great night!!!

m murray

We had our christmas party at Giardini on Friday night, All the food was amazing and just as well presented, the service was great, the table was decorated for us nicely, the waiters were very quick at tidying up the mess from our table & the wait period for meals was not long. great atmosphere.

Elle C

The waitresses were welcoming, polite, attentive and conducive. The service was great, when we were seated we were given a complimentary entree. There wasn't long wait times on beverages or meals. The quality of the food was delicious and cooked to perfection and was imaginatively presented. It was truly a delightful experience to have dined at Giardini by Brent Arena and the restuarnt makes you feel like a home away from home.

J Lee

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New Menu has been Launched!

10:25pm Wednesday 8th March 2017

The NEW MAIN MENU and CICCHETTI MENU is here!!! BIGGER PORTIONS, SMALLER PRICES!!! Chef Brents new menu has been launched and is now available at PePPi PePPi It incorporates new flavours, fresh local produce and is beautifully presented Try our new entrees, mains and go on a journey through italy. Phone 4755 1377 to reserve your table now !   ... Read More